Sheila Samson Powers, Founder and Trainer of Sheila's Fitness Jam.  

History of the Company: Sheila's Fitness Jam, LLC was founded by Sheila Samson Powers in 1980.  Ever since then, Sheila has been bringing men, women, and children in Western New York, the most up to date fitness programs.  Sheila's Aerobic Jazz was the first choreographed aerobic dance company in Western New York. 

Then in 1998, Sheila opened Sheila's Fitness 2000, where people of all ages, shapes and sizes came in and exercised to these fun choreographed classes.  A group  strength training class called Muscle Flex, as well as mat pilates and yoga, were added to her menu of classes. In the spring of 2004 the business was sold to a local health club, but Sheila's classes are back, and are offered in convenient locations throughout W.N.Y.  From the very beginning, her clients have been getting healthy, staying healthy, and reaching their fitness goals through their participation in these fun choreographed exercise classes.   All Sheila's trainers maintain nationally recognized certifications in the fitness industry. These branded fitness programs, guarantee consistency throughout their network of locations. No matter where you participate in these classes, you are getting the same fun, safe and effective workout.  Sheila remains committed to  staying on the cutting edge of the most current research from the most respected leaders in the fitness industry,  which assures that you will always have the most safe and effective fitness programs around.